Empowering Women in Technology

T200's mission is to inspire, educate, celebrate and advance women's leadership in technology.

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Help us drive change in the tech industry by supporting our mission to empower women and foster leadership and progress.

Our Vision

Our Goal

Our community is dedicated to advancing women’s leadership in technology, to offer personal and professional guidance, to empower each other and advance to create a community of leaders.

Our Principles

We inspire each other and the next generation of leaders through mentoring, sharing advice and support, delivering technology, leadership, and career-focused education events, and fostering lifelong opportunities to build camaraderie and strengthen personal relationships.

Our Promise

Ours is a safe space to ask questions or share a career challenge where you can expect others to lean in with support, helpful advice, and experiences. We actively promote and celebrate every member’s success as if it were our own. We safeguard member data and discourage solicitation within the community.


The Journey of T200

Formed in 2016, a small group of women, consisting primarily of technology executives for some leading companies, met at a conference and decided to exchange their contact information. A messaging group was formed — they started to share advice, celebrate promotions, guide each other through problems they faced at work and more…


Empowering Change: Our members are changing the Tech Landscape

01.Networking and Community Development

T200 Lift focuses on cultivating the next generation of CXO leaders. This includes a mentorship program to help them advance to the next level. Strategic partnerships gives our members access to curated educational content, conferences, and career support.

02.Mentors and Sponsors

T200 is a foundation that includes many leaders in technology who aim to provide support and mentorship for career progression as well as hosts a number of curated events from various industry leaders.

03.Membership Engagement

Membership is open to all women in a digital and technology roles. We also looking for executives and leaders to join us in leading the next generation. This inclusive approach ensures a wide range of perspectives and experiences, enriching the program and its impact on the tech industry.

Meet Our Leaders:
The Founders Behind Our Vision

Suja Chandrasekaran


Mamatha Chamarthi


Angela Yochem


Diana McKenzie


Diane Schwarz

Board Member

Marina Bellini


Wafaa Mamili


Our Board Members 

T200 was founded as a community of senior executive women holding some of the most influential tech roles in the world, and has grown to include their protégés, partners, and allies. This community has been the foundation of friendships, partnerships, promotions, new jobs, and societal impact. I can’t wait to see what we will do next together!
Angela Yochem
Building powerful relationships while developing future leaders is the essence of giving back from a career of leadership lessons learned. I find the more our members give to our T200 community, the more fulfillment we receive in return.
Diana McKenzie
“She who wants to go fast, goes alone. She who wants to go farther, goes together”. T200 is my community of peers, supporting me personally and professionally."
Diane Schwarz
I am so blessed for being part of T200 community, giving and getting so much of advice, friendship, inspiration, camaraderie, content, and if it would be only one women in tech that this community has helped elevate, it was already worth it, but it has been and will continue to be so much more for so many, excited to continue joining forces with such an amazing group of women to empower more and more women in tech.
Marina F Bellini
T200 was founded by “women in Technology for women in technology”. Our purpose is to lift and support women in tech globally. I would like to thank our volunteers, sponsors, allies and partners, they are the reason that many women are positively impacted by our community and are in positions of increased responsibility.
Mamatha Chamarthi
"In the evolving landscape of effective community building, as the founder, I envisioned T200 as a beacon for women in technology—a sanctuary where we can unite and thrive. Forging this unique and valuable entity has been an odyssey, a collective endeavor of countless strides alongside my dedicated T200 colleagues. Today, T200 stands as a vibrant, burgeoning hub, uniting exemplary women from diverse tech backgrounds. This venture represents not just a professional goal, but a life's dream for me. Together, we've generated an immeasurable impact, touching individual lives and shaping our community at large. T200 stands as a proud testament to women's leadership, embodying resilience and success amidst ever-changing landscapes. Our journey, however, stretches far into the horizon. We remain committed to nurturing, mentoring, and championing women, fuelling their ascent in an increasingly dynamic career landscape."
Suja Chandrasekaran
T200 community is one of my villages of support and empowerment. I am proud to be part of this togetherness which is all about celebrating our achievements and contributing to building a powerful network that fosters growth, breaks barriers, and drives positive change in the Tech industry- Changing the face of Women in Tech, One Woman a time!
Wafaa Mamilli

Join T200 Lift

T200 Lift is a mentorship program dedicated to advancing the next generation of leaders – Senior executives including CXO’s. We provide growth and learning opportunities under the mentorship of leading women in digital and technology.

Your Support, Our Strength

T200 Foundation is at a pivotal point in our journey. Our primary focus remains on our mission, and we are ready to invest in further amplifying our impact. This involves expanding both our community and platform, ensuring that we continue to elevate women in technology.


Join Us in Shaping the Future

Your support is crucial for our key investments, driving our organization’s growth in 2024. Your contributions do more than just assist our members; they play a vital role in elevating women into technology roles. Together, we have the power to shape bright women’s futures in the tech industry!

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