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2023 Fall Summit Date Announced

The 2023 T200 Fall Summit has been announced — it will take place on September 14 and 15 in New York City. Our annual Summit is two extraordinary days filled with inspiration, knowledge, and empowerment […]

Deloitte Consulting Becomes First Corporate Member of T200

Deloitte Consulting will join T200 in fostering, celebrating, and advancing women’s leadership in tech NEW YORK, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Deloitte Consulting announced today that they will join T200, a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization for […]


Our Purpose

Our members share our mission of fostering, celebrating, and advancing women’s leadership in tech. We offer personal and professional support with a confident community of peers.

Our Principles

We are a tech peer community like no other. Our members are changing the face of consumer, enterprise, and business technology daily. T200 brings us together to support, advise, and inspire one another.

General Norms

In our community, we’ve created a safe space for questions; we expect members to contribute willingly, and we don’t allow unsolicited sales or even indirectly making purchasing recommendations.




Members of the group are brought in by invitation only, and typically nominated by one of our existing members.



T200Lift is the new program to nurture and build the next generation of CXO leaders.



Today, we communicate through Slack and organize yearly conferences to meet in person when possible.



In our community, you are involved with some of the more powerful women in technology in the world. This makes our network stronger than ever, with the ultimate goal of growing it with the next level of tech leaders.


Formed in 2016, a tiny group with less than ten members started using online messaging to inspire and promote each other with career advice, organizational and operational guidance, and general motivation. These women decided that their group would be better if more women were part of it and expanded the group through word of mouth to other powerful CIOs and CDOs in the world. The name T200 came about when the goal turned to gathering at least 200 of these powerful women in technology together in this group.

T200 is now expanding to mentor and grow women in the technology leadership community. T200 is launching T200Lift, focused on developing women in the tech pipeline ready to take on their first C-level role. The membership at T200 see this as the legacy to the world of tech and women in tech.

The motto of T200 “we are better together!”




It’s clear that in the technology arena we have a record low number of women, and a pipeline problem with the next set that are coming up the ranks. The goal of T200Lift is to improve that problem by mentoring and guiding women to stay in tech and become leaders.


We’ve created the Lift program in order to mentor women coming up the ranks in our technology departments so we can help guide them to the next level of leadership. The program will help mentees create a vision for their next career step.


Our goal is to keep women in the pipeline to become the next C-level technology executive in theirs. We will help guide them on their career choices and accomplishments in order to prepare them to take on that higher level role.

Who can participate

Anyone who identifies as a woman who is in a digital or technology team can participate. In addition, anyone that directly reports to a C-level executive can apply for membership to the Lift + organization. Please submit an application and will be considered based on our guiding principles. You can click on Join Us to submit your application.


The Lift Mentorship program is a mentoring program to nurture and build the next-gen CXO / CIO / CDO / CTO leaders by providing development and learning opportunities from the best women tech leaders in the digital and technology space.

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T200 Foundation has reached an inflection point in our growth. First and foremost, we remain focused on our mission, and are prepared to make the investments required to continue growing our impact through our community and our platform.

This is where you come in.

Your funding can be used to fund investments for our amazing organization as we take it to the next level in 2023 for all our members and LIFT more women in technology! Great Futures Start Here!