Troop 200 Eagle Hall of Fame

Since 1995, when Robert Sheppard became Troop 200's first Eagle Scout, over 50 others have achieved that rank -- Scouting's highest. To recognize these individuals, their names are commemorated on a plaque displayed at every Troop meeting, and in the list below. New Eagle Scouts are added once they achieve the age of 18.

Troop 200 Eagle Scouts: "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle"

Robert Sheppard
November 1965

George Gunsaules, Jr.
September 1969

William DeMott
Demember 1969

Philip Gunsuales
August 1971

Frank Miller
November 1971

Terry Welsh
April 1973

Daniel Hoffman
December 1973

Howard Fairchild III
December 1973

Jon Miller
December 1973

Christian Jones
August 1978

Steven Duffy
August 1978

Fred Fox
August 1978

John Kudlich
August 1981

John Vierow
January 1982

John Jones
December 1982

Andrew Graham
May 1986

Joseph Eggert
June 1994

Bruce Hom
April 1995

Andrew Pittard
April 1995

Michael La Spada
July 1995

Michael La Spada
July 1995

Patrick Kennedy
February 1996

Sage Lichtenwalner
July 1996

Stephen Farmer
December 1996

Matthew Tennen
October 1998

Barry Cregar
February 1999

J.D. Katsoff
March 1999

Russell Batistoni
August 2000

Brian Dodd
November 2000

Adam Dumville
March 2001

Michael Matter
March 2002

Philip Moore
April 2002

Matthew Fojtlin
March 2003

John Burgess III
March 2003

Nicholas Rocha
May 2003

Alexander Meyer
November 2003

Scott Anderson
October 2004

Eric Van Nostrand
October 2004

Thomas Lawrence
April 2006

Benjamin Royal
August 2006

Brandon Andreola
August 2006

Eric Radwin
February 2007

Ryan Drumm
February 2007

Ryan Holmes
May 2007

Arthur Nevins
May 2007

Adam Moleta
August 2007

Randy Kuhar
August 2007

Brian Tighe
August 2007

Matthew Lawrence
April 2008

Keith Freeman
January 2009

Tristan Peer
April 2009

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